More wet weather ………and Telstra

We missed another cyclone in the gulf but have been inundated with heavy rain over the last 2 days. I had planned on staying Friday and Saturday at the Granite Gorge Nature Park. I’m stilll tempted to go up the Tablelands but now I have another issue…..

Telstra’s NBN modem is still an ongoing saga for 4 days now! After receiving a new modem yesterday it failed to connect to the NBN.. So back on the phone for another hour long call with no resolution. Guess what…….. today they are supposed to call me back!

Excuse my incredulity but if it happens and unless a technician physically comes out, we are without a home phone for family emergencies. We are unable to access 000 or receive calls from the hospital confirming bed availability for a Cat 2 operation!

An update…. Well lo and behold we did get a call back mid February after an NBN tech changed the pairing for the phone on 3rd. Good ole Telstra centre in India were kind enough to check back a month after the fault was reported by ringing the home phone to confirm it works!

A new modem didn’t solve the problem either.

Tinaburra Day 2

Friday was a bit misty with one light shower at 3pm. I had a relaxing day and enjoyed my walks and visiting other Townsville and Cairns campers. I put my feet in the pool and it was very pleasant watching the cows grazing on the hill across the lake.

The camp kitchen and amenities are quite reasonable. I watched telly for the weather report after tea. The low looks likely to impact the coast early next week. It was a cool evening and I went to bed in long pjs with the resident family of curlews calling. Saturday I woke to the pleasant chirping of several different birds and the distant call of kookaburras. A lovely quiet spot with only the odd few tinnies launched during the day.

Yungaburra Markets on the 4th Saturday of the month are one of the highlights of a trip to the Tablelands. They have been running for over 40 years and are one of the biggest markets up here. Many of my fellow campers went to the markets as well as me. I managed to buy fruit and veg and enjoyed walking around all the stalls. I got pawpaw, chokos, bamboo shoot sliced, sticky rice, guavas, cucumber, Dragon fruit, monkey bananas and five corners. It was quite a big bag I came home with. Luckily it’s not all for me.

Chai latte at Coffee and Clay, in Yungaburra beside Fine Fettle which was a new cafe to me. Baklava and scrumptious rich cakes are also available. Then on to On the Verandah in Oak Street for bargain clothes and craft. On the way back I turned off to Lakeside and was amazed at how many houses are there. I got lost briefly before turning back and returning to the park.

I felt like a Nana nap when I got back! Must be all that food making me tired because I had the best sleep last night that I’ve had in the last few weeks. Still overcast but no rain yet. If the weather stays like this till tomorrow I’ll be very happy. 🖐


Another fortnight has flown by and this time I’m off to Lake Tinaroo for a couple of nights at the Lakeside Caravan Park run by the Tablelands Regional Council. Powered site is $30 pn and it is only 5mins from the lovely township of Yungaburra.

There could be more wet weather if the low further north intensifies. Yesterday it was fine in Malanda so we’ll see how it pans out. I’m planning on a quiet few days with a quick trip to the Yungaburra Markets on Saturday.

I took Double B route from Tolga and turned off at Shayley Strawberry Farm to caravan park. Great spot with water view from my bunk. Overcast but not too hot as there is a light breeze. I’m proud I backed in to site with just one go. Although I did get out a few times to check before turning off the engine. 😃

Water and markets

What a wonderful day Friday turned out to be.  A tad warm at lunch but down to a pleasant 26 after tea.  I have a clip of the weir at Granite Gorge.

Saturday 13 February

Sunrise at Granite Gorge, Mareeba

Today I’m back in Mareeba for some fresh produce. The markets are on 2nd and 5th Saturday each month and are one of the best on the Tablelands.

I’ve been pleasantly surprised at the amount of native wildlife around the Granite Gorge Nature Park. I’ve had Pekin bantams and peacocks and a bush turkey walk past my van. There have been magpies, kookaburras, pigeons and wallabies too.

The park has a pleasant breeze and plenty of trees and nice flat drive through grassy sites. The price is a quite reasonable at $18pp for powered site. I think it is very convenient for campers in FNQ and I’m happy to come back again.

At present the creek is still a bit muddy from rain but it would be great when it clears up. I felt so relaxed beside the water knowing there are no crocs which is not the case down on the coast. There are also some onsite cabins available.

Weir at Granite Gorge, Mareeba

Granite Gorge, Mareeba

Well finally, I’ve had a chance to go up to a new place to camp at the Granite Gorge Nature Park.  I had planned on going 2 weeks earlier but life got in the way.  Although the park has been open for many years I never thought about going until this year when I was looking for somewhere close to Cairns and yet a rural retreat.

Friday 12th Feb

After a leisurely drive up the Kuranda Range,  I crossed the one lane Barron River Bridge near Kuranda.   Stopping at Dino’s Europa Deli for a change instead of The Coffee Works in Mareeba for a coffee, I used my phone scanner for the second time ever to check in. After a short 12km drive along Chewko Road I stopped at Seary Lookout before seeing the wind turbines ahead and turning right to reach the park. A frill neck lizard ran across the bend near the turn into the park.

This afternoon I’ll do another walk towards the weir and relax in a quiet park with good amenities and not many people.  I’ve already found a Border Collie, Jess, to play with and I’ve filled  the ducks water pool.  The pig, horses and birds have also been visited and I’ve seen where the wallabies come to. I know it’s a hard life.

Wet weather

Today is another wet day. We got flooded out with ex cyclone Imogen earlier this month. Now there are several lows up north that could also cause more havoc.